Are you searching for a great Garage Door Spring Repair company? When a garage door breaks down, springs are likely involved. Because they are just above the entryway, failing to replace them in time can cause your door to malfunction and break. If you think your torsion and external springs are due for a change, and you live in the Baltimore, Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro Area, door spring repair company, Dream Garage Door, can assist you at your location today.

Why We Are the Best in the Business

A lot of homeowners know all too well about companies that fix garage doors today only to have them break again tomorrow. The next thing you know, you can’t get to work or make appointments on time because the car is stuck in the garage.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

At Dream Garage Door, we do things differently. When we make installations or repairs, we make sure they last by sending our best team, equipment and parts to your door. Our highly trained staff know exactly what your garage door needs and uses the latest tools to replace damaged parts with durable options.

We are able to provide exceptional service by adhering to tried-and-true business practices and principles.

Principle No.1: Replacing two springs is better than one

When your garage door is fitted, it comes with one or two springs. With new homes, springs are usually the same age and therefore in the same condition. Older houses may have one spring that is older than the other. Nonetheless, if one breaks, the other is likely to follow suit soon. This is why we always recommend replacing both.

This small but effective strategy has saved many homeowners from the headache of calling in specialists time and time again. By making replacements in time, you can save yourself from needing repairs in future.

Principle No. 2: Spring size is everything

Garage door springs carry a lot of weight on a daily basis. It is imperative for them to be the right size if the pressure is to be distributed correctly. An unbalanced door not only wears out these components, but gradually destroys the framework as well.

Because it can be tricky to tell if your garage door springs are the wrong size, call a Garage Door Spring Repair expert to find out. We can perform diagnostic tests to assess balance, choose the most suitable spring size and brand, and have them installed all within 24 hours.

Principle No. 3: Customer safety comes first

Ensuring the safety of our customers is a principle we apply diligently at every assignment. A garage door with damaged springs can wreak havoc on your home, possessions and loved ones. This is why we never leave without conducting the necessary safety tests and procedures.

Damaged garage door springs are, more often than not, an indication of a more serious flaw in the mechanism. If the rest of the framework is as old as the springs, there may be components that need to be checked and tested too.

Evaluating the entire system for faults is just one of the things we do to make sure our customers are well-protected.

Best Garage Door Springs Brands

Due to the high demand for super-durable, affordable springs, we at Dream Garage Door have created our own. With a design inspired by our many years in the industry, Dream garage door springs are fashioned from the toughest materials to provide the longest cycles.

The life of a garage door is measured in the times it can successfully go up and down once. This movement is called a cycle. So far, our competitor’s springs can only manage 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. Our new and improved springs fall between 25,000 and 50,000 cycles – 5 times more than the competition.

Call us today for Garage Door Spring Repair with the last brand you’ll ever need and we will throw in a lifetime of professional repairs and maintenance guaranteed.

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