Garage door opener repair is needed because garage doors are prone to malfunction. The reason for this is that garage doors could become unbalanced. When springs are damaged or the wrong size, it can cause problems. The weight of the door will shift and put strain on the opener. This imbalance causes a breakdown and requires professional garage door opener repair…

Garage door openers are not easy to repair on your own. In fact, a faulty opener should only be dealt with by an expert. Dream Garage Door has teams of technicians across the country ready to help.

Common Signs of a Faulty Garage Door Opener.

It’s hard to ignore a broken opener. They are often loud, slow and unresponsive. Some common signs of malfunction include:

Lightning and blinking lights.
Garage Door Remotes.
Scraping noises.
Not completing cycles (stopping between opening and closing).
Belt or chain that appears to be slacking.

If you notice one or all of these symptoms, you need urgent garage door opener repair. Luckily, our Dream team knows all about fixing openers. Best of all, we can do it all professionally in under 24 hours.

Garage Door Opener Repair.

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Dream Garage Door Opener Repair Solutions.

Most door openers can be fixed. We only need to perform an inspection to find out what is interfering with your engine. From there, we will provide a diagnosis and discuss solutions.The experts will then recommend either repairing the opener or substituting it with a new one.

Garage Door Opener Repairs.

If you choose to repair and not replace, our technicians will switch your damaged parts for new ones. Repairs are often our method of choice.

We keep spare parts in our trucks to fix many types of brands on location. We are able to complete the project in just a day.

Garage Door Opener Replacements.

Fixing the system is generally preferred. However, it is not always the best solution. Their are special circumstances under which replacing openers are necessary.

UL Standards.

The UL 325 code of standards plays a huge role in deciding whether a door opener is fixed or replaced. According to the industry agreement, only models produced after 1993 are deemed safe enough to repair. Older models should be uninstalled.

Missing Features.

Security eyes are fitted to garage door openers for your safety and necessary by regulation. If your opener does not have them, replacement is necessary.

Brand Reliability.

Some brands of openers have been taken out of production. While others were made by companies who have a rep of faulty products. Does this apply to your brand of opener? Then it is advisable to replace urgently.

Call us if you need garage door opener repair or replacement. Dream Garage Door will offer guidance!

Locations we service include Baltimore, Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro Area.