Are you looking for Garage Door Opener Installation? Garage door openers can be unpredictable. One day, they are perfectly fine and broken the next. If yours ever lets you down when you least expect, you can count on Dream Garage Door for reliable, professional assistance.

Sometimes, openers just need quick repairs and tune ups. Other times, garage door opener installation might be the best choice. Let our super technicians solve your dilemma by helping you make the best and most cost-effective decision.

The Three Primary Types of Openers.

Deciding which garage door opener to install can be a hard choice if you have no prior industry experience. To make it easier, let’s take a look at the options on offer.

Garage Door Opener Installation.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Belt Drives

If you ask a technician to recommend a type of opener, most would nominate belt drives. As you have probably guessed from the name, these openers run on elastic belts made with rubber.

Belt-driven openers are popular because of their reliable operation and lasting endurance. Customers prefer this type because its noiseless design does not disturb those in adjacent rooms of the home.

Screw Drives

Screw-driven openers are the strongest of all there. They can deliver smooth operation for years if they are maintained well. This type keeps the door running by a strung bar made from steel and uses lifting action to maintain consistency.

If you decide on a screw-driven opener, bear in mind that it is not as quite as the belt opener nevertheless, it is quiater than the chain opener. although some homeowners do not mind.

If you would like to char more about your opener options, drop us a line at a center near you. Our consultants are always on call to give you the advice and service needed 24/7 all year.

When you are satisfied with your options, let us know when and where we can get a qualified technician to you. The Dream Garage Door team is available near you.

Chain Drives

Although belt-driven openers are a favorite, chain drives can deliver almost the same performance and strength as belt varieties for a lower price.

This affordable option drives the garage door with help from a metal chain. It is both practical and durable, which cuts down on repair and maintenance expenses.

Before you grant our technicians permission to start the garage door opener installation, discuss its benefits and disadvantages first. Chain drives are not as noiseless and this can be a concern to residents of your home.

Worried about price? Don’t be. We deliberately set our prices lower than local competitors so you can save on your garage door installation. Call us today!